Tender Slow Roasted Pork

Hog Roasts

All of our meat is locally sourced within Norfolk and Suffolk to ensure that we bring you the very best and fresh ingredients. We can trace the origins of all of our meat back to individual farms.

Because it's always local and it's always fresh we believe our whole spit roasted hog roast is a fantastic center piece for any event, but we don't just offer hog roasts:

  • Whole Spit Roasted Pig - £6.50 per headWhole spit roasted hog (including meat juice stuffing, freshly made apple sauce and bread rolls) = £6.50 per head
  • Whole rump of beef - £8.00 per headWhole rump of beef (including caramelized onions, blue cheese sauce, horseradish sauce and bread rolls) = £8 per head
  • Whole spit roasted lamb - £8.50 per headWhole spit roasted lamb (including mint sauce, spicy tomato and tarragon sauce and served with either bread rolls or pita breads) = £8.50 per head

Each of our spit roasts are carved at your function to add that touch of glamour to your event and include all staff costs.

Add a selection of 6 salads to your meal for an additional £3.50 per head. And when choosing the salad option all crockery, cutlery and washing up are provided as part of the cost.

Traditional Hog Roast Carved Beef